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San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the Byron Bay equivilent of Australia... It has sun, amazing beaches, the most bars per square metre of anywhere else in the world and crazy cobbled streets. Met up with Brodz, Carly & Jo, three of my supermodel friends from Oz who have been travelling for 6 months around the world!!
Our first day involved climbing the local mountain to visit the giant statue of Jesus - good statue, and u have the most amazing views of the entire village.....!!!!

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sunny 38 °C

Day 1- Last night Spain won the Euro Cup and the entire of Barcelona headed to the streets to let off fireworks, fire crackers, sing and dance in the streets until 6 in the morning. Was insane, crazy and very funny.... good value.
the temperature is 40 degrees and even hotter in Madrid where i will be in 8 days!!

Day 2- Decided to get lost in Barcelona by myself as then best way to orientate myself with the city. After actually getting lost and spending 6 hours in the city, i managed to return to the hostel with a general idea of how the city is planned out. Every building has amazing architecture, and there are hundread of cathedrals i have already visited. There are 11,000 taxis in the city, and u can get them anywhere!! Also they have the best recylcing system with HUGE bins on every corner for plastic, glass and paper recylcing. The traffic system is very interesting.... A 6 intersection way invovles everyone accelerating flat out, beeping their horns and hoping that no-one gets hit.. traffic signals dont mean a lot but it is all good. There is the best shopping in the world in barcelona... it is amazing. already bought 2 pairs of shoes, dont know if they will fit in my bag but i will make them fit!!! Every shop shuts between 2-430 for siesta but will reopen and stay open until 10pm... off to have my siesta now then resume shopping
Day 3 -
Made my way to Barcelona´s main train station to buy my tickets to San Sebastian. Unfortunately, all the tickets had sold out so i booked on the ´sleeping´train 12 hours later. I spent an exciting 11 hours at the train station reading free spanish newspapers and talking to many Australians & Kiwis passing through. On the sleeping train, our there was 6 beds squeezed into 1 square metre of space. Awesome fun though.. arrived at San Sebastian at 8am...

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in transit

sunny 36 °C

From Brunei we then travelled to dubai then on to london. Dubai is the most amazing crazy airport. We landed in Dubai 2am their time, and the airport was packed... people everywhere!!! There was at LEAST 350 people all asleep on the airport floor using their sandals as a pillow.. it was crazy how everyone just fell asleep on the floor..!!! We then on travelled on to london... at heathfrom there was that many people i had to wait 90 minutes in line for passport control.. Then made my way to Luton airport.... was insane, people everywhere. Luton is where they film the series Airport aboiut all the flights going wrong in the UK. I can now see why, though i managed to find myself an organic fruit salad to eat.... joy.
I then landed in Barcelona from London... caught a bus into town then got incredibly lost.. lets just say my bag is way to heavy and i need to put on 20kg of muscle if i hope to carry it...


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Flew to the wonderful country of Brunei!! It is basically a mega rich bali, eveery looks like bali, except every person drives a BMW or mercedes, and the fact that petrol is 50 cents a litre!! First night in brunei went out on the town with my newly aquainted friends from perth!! we visited the night markets and tried flavoured milk.... corn flavour, milo flavour, goji berry,... very interesting!!

The second day was most exciting!! We decided to take a water taxi (an old dingy boat falling apart) around the water villages as there is about 10,000 homes all lliviing on stilts with electcity, water also running on stilts to each home. <we payed our guide 20 dollars for a 30 minute ride where we visited the water cemetary, the jungle water paths!! <we then convinced a couple of locals to show us through their water village house... they are crazy inside. some homes are falling apart and some are quite fancy with 100 inch plasma screens inside.

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